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Ridding LJ of Non-Pretties So You Don't Have To.

conceited bitchezz
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Hi. Here's the deal. We don't like ugly people. So we made a rating community to see what other people think of you.
They may be harsh, but tough luck.

1. Respect Willow, Jackie, and Eric.
2. Use the right forms of "their", "they're", "there", "your" and "you're".
3. When filling out the application, put the subject as "I feel pretty" and the cut-text as "Oh So Pretty".
4. Drama is acceptable, BUT no racist, homophobic, or sexist comments.
5. Name Calling allowed. (i.e. Bitch, Asshole, Skank, etc.)
6. If you disrespect the mods, you're out.
7. if you don't follow the application rules, you're auto rejected, and can't apply again for a week.

a. Must promote 4 places.
b. Must provide 4 pictures of yourself, and 4 of the other.
c. When posting your challenge, Put "Mo Fuckin Challenge" in the subject, and The two user names in the challenge. EX) ericokeefe__vs. _teenageriot.
d. If a challenge is lost, you or the challenger are out of the community.
e. In case of tie, random questions, or games, will be played.

None yet, but when we have plenty of people, there will be.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com WILLOW --> _teenageriot

Image hosted by Photobucket.com ERIC --> ericokeefe__

Image hosted by Photobucket.com JACKIE --> starcrossed_x

Here are the basics. We want pretty people, not ugly ones.
So apply here, and get rated.

Use a pretty banner to promote us, kay?