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MOD. =] YO.


-1-name: jackie.

-2-age: 16

-3-sex: female.

-4-location: nanuet

-5-birthday: september 8, 1989

-6-favorite color: green

-7-do you think you’re pretty enough to be in here? Why?: uhh, sure. because you fucking love me.


-1-movies (5+): mean girls, my girl, my girl 2, rent, FORREST GUMP!, now and then, WHO'S YOUR DADDY?!?!?!, anything matt-damon related.

-2-music/bands(5+): jamisonparker, brand new, the starting line, dashboard confessional, daphne loves derby, kill hannah, the ataris, something corporate, blah blah motherfucking blah.

-3-books(3+): a bend in the road, the notebook, the wedding, message in a bottle, the rescue, nights in rodanthe, at first sight (yeah you get the point, i'm having a torrid love affair with nick sparks). anything by sarah dessen (this MOTHERFUCKING lullaby<3) because she is my hero. and anything having to do with the almighty georgia nicolson (by louise rennison) because i wish that i could snog dave the L. and robbie. and massimo. and oh my god if there was really a mark big gob who you could pay to make out with that would be so cool. yeah thats it.

-4-style/clothes/stores: style? whatever looks good. which of course would be biknis and tube tops and hot pants. but no, really, i like american eagle. and i enjoy those gloves that have no fingers, and sweaters that only come up half way which is stupid when you think about it but they're cute. and .. green things. jeez remember in eighth grade when i like, OWNED american eagle? that was amazing, i think i might buy out that store again this season.

-5-five pictures,all same size, doesn’t matter what size:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

-5b.- 200x150 px. Picture of you for members page.
i hope that's 200x150, if it's not then tell me. k? awesome.


Pick 3 out of the five, and answer the mandatory question.

Gay Marriage: umm, FOR, definitely. why is it such a big effing deal? let them get married, they're not bothering anyone. it's not like they carry around signs that say I'M GAY AND I'M BETTER THAN YOU. well they do, but thats only at the gay pride parade once a year. but serously shut up and let them get married, they're cool.

Abortion: i think it's wrong and disgusting unless the girl has been raped, or like something's going to be seriously wrong with the baby or the girl will die in labor.

The President

Drugs/Alcohol: drugs make you burnt out and weird. this is how i know. my uncle was a big druggie in the 70's and now he thinks that his name is carlos gambino and that he's good friends with hilary clinton and pat sajack and that he's related to mozart. so stay clean, unless you want to end up telling people that you moved to little italy, joined the mafia, and changed your name to carlos gambino. alcohol is fun, but only to a certain extent.



Hilary Duff: ending puberty or aspiring coke addict?: PSSSHH. coke addict. the first time i typed that i wrote cock addict. which is probably also true.


Why should we accept you? because i'm jackie and you love me.


Promote three places, three VALID places.
i did four because i'm cool.

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