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-1-name: Ambyr Dawn Stanley

-2-age: 14

-3-sex: Female

-4-location: Clintwood, Virginia

-5-birthday: February 28

-6-favorite color: Pink

-7-do you think you’re pretty enough to be in here? Why? I think I am because not only am I pretty (to keep from sounding too conceited) but I can bring a lot to a community. I'm a camera freak and I love to promote.


-1-movies (5+): 1) Hostage 2) Nightmare Before Christmas 3) Jackass: The movie 4) 40 Year Old Virgin 5) Bad Boys

-2-music/bands(5+): 1) Audioslave 2) Jack Johnson 3) My Chemical Romance 4) Mudvayne 5) Black Label Society

-3-books(3+): 1) Are You There, God?: It's Me, Margaret 2) Harry Potter 3) Chronicles of Narnia

-4-style/clothes/stores: Style - Preppy/Sporty (depends on my mood). Clothes/Stores - Limited Too, Buckle, Abercrombie, Aeropostale, Alyssa's

-5-five pictures,all same size, doesn’t matter what size:

-5b.- 200x150 px. Picture of you for members page.


Pick 3 out of the five, and answer the mandatory question.

Gay Marriage - It's hard to even know where to start with this subject. I have so many close friends of mine that are gay, and from personal experience, I believe that they are not different than anyone else. They are the way God made them and they're not perfect. They have no control at all over if their feelings are for the same or opposite sex. I think gay marriage should be legal. It doesn't harm anyone, and the saddest part is that we pay more attention to this subject than the subject about war--which is harming people. I digressed, but my point is: gay marriages should be legal, and we as Americans should be more open-minded.


The President - He has done many things right for this country, and at the same time he has done things to harm us as well. I might be the only person that watched it, but Farenheit 9/11 really opened my eyes to stuff you don't see in my little town of Clintwood. We're in danger, and a lot of it, Bush has helped - while at the same time, he's either made it worse or not changed the matter. I guess the term you could use for my views on George Bush is Neutral. I'm not a die-hard hater, but I don't praise him for what he's done. But, of course--I can't say I wouldn't do some of the same if I was in his position.


Stereotypes - Wow. I hate stereotypes ;; mostly because no matter what you are yourself, you can always make fun of another person. If you're a prep, you make fun of losers, geeks, stoners, whores, etc. On the other hand, if you're any of the other stereotypes, you can make fun of every other group as well. I, personally, think stereotypes are useless. They just give you another way to be less independence, and independence is something every teenager should experience. I don't know how many times I've been called a prep - and I hate it. There's no use in being put into a box full of other people, to make fun of the others that aren't in your little box. Point trying to be made: stereotypes are useless and overrated. ++ Sorry I used so many metaphors.


Hilary Duff: ending puberty or aspiring coke addict? Considering she's a little too old to be ending puberty, she might be an aspiring coke addict.

WHY? I've watched "Pop Stars Gone Bad" at least 10 times and she fits right into that category. Sorry to insult anyone, but I really don't like Hilary Duff that much. I wouldn't go as far to say I think she's a coke addict, but I wouldn't say there's not a big possibility of it happening sometime soon. Plus she looks anorexic =(.

Why should we accept you? Because I am very pretty, I am a camera whore, I love to help out in communities, I can make people laugh (although I was pretty serious in this), and I'd feel honored to be a part of it =).


Promote three places, three VALID places.
Click here, here, and here.

Thank you ;)
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