Drop a heart, Break a name... (_teenageriot) wrote in weheartpretties,
Drop a heart, Break a name...


-1-name: Willow

-2-age: 16

-3-sex: Lady

-4-location: Nanuet, NY

-5-birthday: September 25th, 1989

-6-favorite color: Hot Pink

-7-do you think you’re pretty enough to be in here? Why?

Yeah I do think I'm pretty enough to be here. It's because I just think everyone else is ugly.


-1-movies (5+): The Notebook, Van Wilder, Kill Bill, American Pie 2, The Hot Chick

-2-music/bands(5+): Brand New, Jimmy Eat World, Taking Back Sunday, Midtown, Fenix TX

-3-books(3+): Smack, To Kill A Mockingbird, Slaughterhouse Five

-4-style/clothes/stores: I wear anything that looks good, unless it's green. I'm generally a tee shirt and jeans type of person. I shop anywhere that has something I like--Forever 21, Hollister, Zumiez, even Abercrombie when I can afford it.

-5-five pictures,all same size, doesn't matter what size:


-5b.- 200x150 px. Picture of you for members page.

Already up.


Pick 3 out of the five, and answer the mandatory question.

Gay Marriage - Marriage is about love, not what's between your legs.

Abortion - Definitely needed. What if there's some poor, unsuspecting girl that gets raped by some sicko, and get pregnant from it? Not only is there a good chance that she wouldn't be able to take care of the kid, but she probably wouldn't want the constant reminder of one fateful night.

The President - What an idiot. He's not even the one running the country, all the people behind him are. I think the best display of the president was on the episode of Family Guy where someone went into his office and took away something he was playing with, and he started to cry and throw a tantrum. He doesn't even look like he has all his chromosomes.


Hilary Duff: ending puberty or aspiring coke addict?

Aspiring coke addict, totally. Hilary Duff was never fat to begin with. Now she just looks like a bag of bones.


Psh, look who she's dating. Just because Joel said he stopped doing drugs doesn't necessarily mean it's true.
Why should we accept you?

Because I'm young and I'm black and my hat's real low.


Promote three places, three VALID places.

I'll get on it. I made a banner instead.

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